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  1. Pick of the day - a page from the upcoming book / animated film Inflorescentia by Tarazaurus (this project is yet to be announced).

  2. Pick of the day - INDEN-YA Founded in 1582, the brand continues to create Inden, a 400-year-old form of traditional leather-work in Japan. With classical patterns that blossom though the perfection of craftsmanship, INDEN-YA is an epitome of a living tradition - truly one of the Japanese brands that deserves to be the part of the heritage.  

  3. Pick of the day - business cards design by Lesha Linomov developed for a hair stylist, cards show a great example of flexible and interactive design in print. 

  4. TOILETPAPER made a fantastic, bright, and 80s inspired video for KENZO’s Fall-Winter 2014 campaign, that “takes us on a mysterious journey to an unfamiliar world. A place where the ordinary is slightly distorted, mirrors lead to other dimensions, and the strange and beautiful coexist in singular harmony”… Pick of the day.

  5. Today’s inspiration pick, colorful, complex and traditional - Albert Charles Auguste Racinet for L’ Ornament Polychrome