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  1. Feature of the day: via

    Anothersomething / Asylum Art


    The amazing work of the highly talented Singapore-based Michelle Yu was brought to our attention. In everything the 25-year old creates there is a sense of dark brooding energy to be found, and we particularly love the work named ‘mad girl’s love song’ which is inspired by the poem with the same title written by American poet Sylvia Plath in 1951. Plath who suffered from depression most of her adult life, which she ended by suicide when she was 30, left an oeuvre of poems, short stories and a novel which are considered to be a significant milestone for the genre of confessional poetry, which focusses on individual experience, the psyche, personal trauma, and taboos. This sentiment of personal trauma, very apparent in ‘mad girl’s love song’ is beautifully caught in the black and white drawing by Yu. All figurative elements in the drawing, a girl’s head, hand and feet, two birds and what appears to be a set of lungs are drowning in a fire-like pool. Beautifully catching the emotions of despair and misunderstood love which are expressed by Plath”

    (via asylum-art)

  2. Okappazoku is our pick for a dope crazy weekend. If you are not on Instagram you can follow this amazing stream of surreal moments on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OKAPPAZOKU 

  3. Pick of the day - Oquonie and its art created in collaboration with the illustrator Rekka Bellum. In short it is an iOS interactive art piece, or a game if you will, where you travel through a mysterious structure full of portals and, what seems to be parallel dimensions, it is a fascinating little escape from reality that we recommenced to indulge. 

  4. Pick of the day: Intel MICA is the first smart band /  smart watch that is, from our perspective, the first organic and appropriate object as a wearable of the digital age. 

  5. Continuing our video week - Jim Henson with his “Drums West” From 1961 this is what experimental art used to be about and this is what it remains being about today, colorful and energetic, the music of light and movement.