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  1. Pick of the day - Oquonie and its art created in collaboration with the illustrator Rekka Bellum. In short it is an iOS interactive art piece, or a game if you will, where you travel through a mysterious structure full of portals and, what seems to be parallel dimensions, it is a fascinating little escape from reality that we recommenced to indulge. 

  2. Pick of the day: Intel MICA is the first smart band /  smart watch that is, from our perspective, the first organic and appropriate object as a wearable of the digital age. 

  3. Continuing our video week - Jim Henson with his “Drums West” From 1961 this is what experimental art used to be about and this is what it remains being about today, colorful and energetic, the music of light and movement. 

  4. Second video in our week of awesome animation is Slow Sex by WongPing , vivid, vibrant, funny and graphical, this story is one hell of a fantastic depiction. Enjoy.

  5. This is going to be a week of awesome, weird and wonderful animations on Digital Udon with Mirror by David Oreilly opening the collection! Enjoy.