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  1. Pick of the say - Masaaki Saitoh for Brocks. 

  2. A design film deserves a properly designed ticket, the one that makes visiting the screening an even more memorable like this piece that will stay with you long after the movies ends as a tactile and tangible memory.  Studio Anonymous for the Design Film Festival Singapore. 

  3. Pick of the day - a page from the upcoming book / animated film Inflorescentia by Tarazaurus (this project is yet to be announced).

  4. Pick of the day - INDEN-YA Founded in 1582, the brand continues to create Inden, a 400-year-old form of traditional leather-work in Japan. With classical patterns that blossom though the perfection of craftsmanship, INDEN-YA is an epitome of a living tradition - truly one of the Japanese brands that deserves to be the part of the heritage.  

  5. Pick of the day - business cards design by Lesha Linomov developed for a hair stylist, cards show a great example of flexible and interactive design in print.