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  1. Something that Digital Udon is closely related to - Puzzle game Shapist is coming out on all major platforms, windows, ios, android and will be free to download. To celebrate the universal release an animated frame by frame trailer was made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEsVCCFjmmQ Designed and developer by just two people Takemura Ori and Dmitry Kurilchenko the game will feature 65 unique puzzles to solve. 

  2. twisstii:

    Many of the inspiration behind my #100animals project were contributed by my lovely friends. Specific animals are dedicated to these awesome people.Thank you for all the positive feedback and encouragement.

    If you have an animal idea that you would like to see drawn, please feel free to leave comments. Thank you!

  3. Pick of the day: twisstii.tumblr.comIf you are looking for a kick of cuteness and style this weekend, then you are in luck - Twiss Tii is making one new character every day or so and she will continue to do so for the next 80 days, all are cute and each with his or her unique story behind narrated silently for a visitor to imagine. Follow the progress here: http://twisstii.tumblr.com or on instagram 

  4. If you love fashion design and prints as much as we do there is one Autumn / Winter collection in 2015 you absolutely can not miss - it is by our all time favorite Mina Perhonen. For a colder season we see warm and comforting prints, clothes that will wrap and bring you into a soft and comforting world. Pick of the day. 

    Make sure to check the Video  (same is embedded in the top of the article)

  5. Pick of the day - Mike Foo's murals and drawings that are so full of warmth and myriads of details that one can discover looking deep into the energetic lines of his work.